Actions from april to september 2020

Even if the project was prepared for long time, I could not stay in India for last march, due to coronavirus crisis.

Indeed, no foreigner people was allowed to travel from France.

A french student master “integration and social development” had projected to accompany me to carry out concrete and voluntary actions with the children and families of Bodhgaya, particularly those whom I had already met in October.

Bodhgaya, rencontre quotidienne des familles habitant les abris précaires
près des grands hôtels et monastères , à deux pas du Mahabodhi Temple
– novembre 2019 –

Never mind ! These projects continue to be prepared and will be realized in a few months! Please read the article « actions in projects » to know more.

Then thanks to the local contacts already established for a long time, other types of support are in progress, especially now:


Thanks to the advices by our local partners on the spot, we contribute financially to the distribution of food, in villages around Bodhgaya, for poor families, where indian government hasn’t provided packages (rice, lentils, etc.) as promised.

 A volunteers team from a local organization manages this action. Our participation increases the scope of their own help. “Collaborating so as not to replace one another” becomes a leitmotif at Paradigmes Solidarités NGO!

Gaya District, distribution de nourriture au profit de familles pauvres des villages
grâce à un partenaire local sur place – 24 avril 2020 –

We just suggest some hamlets where we know families living poorly.

Indeed in the past, we shared with them simple meal which they offered us with joy and honor … Our current contribution is like a thank for their own hospitality



In Bangladesh, we continue to provide individual support to children who didn’t receive sufficient aid due to their difficulties :

Resmi, 8 years old, we help her for :

-her education: in 2019, she started in class thanks to our financial support and the regular intervention of a social partner on the spot ; uniform, notebooks, registration fees and even tuition class were funded by Paradigmes Solidarités;

– her health: she daily was working to collect recyclable garbage through the landfills in Cox’s Bazar city; hier parents sold this skinny booty for a few takas (Bangladesh currency). this so hard work made her very fragile physically;

– her food, and hygiene items, in addition to what her parents can afford.

Takia, 7 years lod; we help her for :

-her eye care, because she has an ocular prosthesis since an accident in her early childhood; her body “rejects” the prosthesis, causing oozing of the eyeball, stabbing pain …

her parents have already gone into debt to provide the best care for their daughter.

Since 2019, we have participated by funding the continuation of care and all facilitie.

Takia needs to regularly regularly to Chittagong, 6 hours far by bus from her village, to benefit from the necessary surgical procedures!

In this case, it’s not necessary to think a long time, just immediatly act!